About Us


Our Story

Pinokiss started from humble beginnings. Pinokiss was founded in 2020 when she noticed a gap in the market for affordable, good quality clothes and so Pinokiss was born!

We are now more than just a clothes brand - we are a movement. Inspiring a community of people to celebrate and empower each other, express and honour your individuality and diversity, and the last but definitely not least, FASHION and COMFORTABLE!

"I love working with everyone at Pinokiss. I’m very lucky to have a team of genuine, collaborative, intelligent and creative people helping me grow the brand. Everyone in the team is an entrepreneur, with plenty of autonomy, responsibility and new challenges every day." Pino

Our Team

Our team are based on diversity and passion. Our young team bring experiences from various fashion products. Our company culture revolves around transparency and respect.

We want everyone that is apart not only to develop and excel in their chosen career but also be happy and fulfilled in their personal life. We believe in a healthy work/life balance and strive to provide all the tools needed to do so.